Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Meet Ramulu, the watchman

‘Hello sirs’, said Ramulu as he entered our office. Dressed in a blue formal shirt and jet black pants, he looked like a security guard for an apartment block or a store. ‘Good morning, your good name?’, we asked. ‘Ramulu sir’, he replied. ‘I want to write my SSC and then my Intermediate in Science. My father owns some agricultural land in a village Madri near Zaheerabad. I want to do a B.Sc in Agriculture for farming purposes’, he chimed, without further ado.

‘How did you get this dream Ramulu?’, we asked. ‘Sirs my cousin who is from my village has completed his B.Sc in Agricultural Sciences, so, I wanted to do the same’, he replied. We asked him where he works. He said that he worked as a security guard in an apartment block in Ramnagar.

We told him that he would have to think one step at a time. Since he did not have his SSC certificate we told him he would first have to clear his SSC before attempting to write Intermediate. ‘I think you are right sir, it pays to think in steps, it is better not to bite off more than one can chew’, he said. We explained to him that the Telangana Open School Society (TOSS) 10th (SSC) examinations are held once a year on April/May.

Frequently asked questions for prospective students

We informed him that we would help him apply online for the TOSS Senior Secondary Course (SSC) examination for 2023. ‘Are you sure that this certificate from TOSS is government approved?’, he asked. We reassured him that the TOSS SSC certificate is approved by the State and Central Government of India. ‘Do I require anything more than my Aadhar card?’, he asked. We told him that the Aadhar card is the only requirement for writing the TOSS SSC examination. He would require no other certificates or identification.

‘How many subjects do I have to write to obtain the pass certificate for TOSS SSC?’, he asked. ‘You will have to pass in a minimum of 5 subjects or a maximum of 6 (1 optional), including, 1-2 language subjects. The plus point is you get to choose from a pool of subjects’, we said. We referred him to the link on our TOSS related website where we clearly list out the subjects available for study.

‘Does the Telangana Open School Society SSC pass certificate have lower value than the standard classroom course certificate?’, he asked. ‘The TOSS SSC certificate is of equal value to the standard SSC certificate’, we replied. Hearing this, he heaved a sigh of relief. As he got up to leave, he shook our hands confidently and said, ‘I am leaving now sir, I will return to you with my Aadhar card for help with the application form’. We thanked him for approaching us.