Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

*We have translated the Telugu to English in this post for the convenience of the readers.

Enter Rajmohan

Rajmohan entered our office on a clear morning. He was wearing a green checked formal shirt and brown corduroy pants. He looked like a senior marketing agent to us.

‘Hello, my name is Rajmohan. I have come to you for advise on applying to, and writing the Telangana Open School Society SSC (10th)’, he said in Telugu.

‘Yes, Mr. Rajmohan, please sit down’, we replied.

Once he sat down, we asked him for details about himself and his goals. He was working full time as a senior travel agent at an agency in Mettuguda. He had discontinued his education at the age of 14 due to family issues. And his goal was to complete his SSC and eventually his degree (B.Com).

‘My agency requires me to complete my SSC, otherwise I cannot get a promotion as manager. So, when I came across your website on Google, I decided to come to you for advice’, he said.

Can write TOSS SSC examination in Telugu Medium

We asked him how comfortable he was with speaking English, he said that he could speak English reasonably well. He was accustomed to speaking English at his job as a travel agent. But he added quickly that English writing was not his forte.

‘You can write the TOSS SSC in Telugu medium if you want’, we said.

Beaming, he replied, ‘Yes, that would be very convenient for me, I do not have the time to take English writing classes now’.

Other details about study centres, certificate and study materials

We explained that he would need his Aadhar card to apply for the TOSS SSC examination. We also explained to him about the different subject streams and TMA’s and Study Centres.

‘You can write the exam in any study centre comfortable for you, it would be better to choose one near home’, we said.

‘I see, I will look it up when I apply sir’, he said.

Having clarified his doubts about the certificate, dates, study centres and study materials. He stood up and shook hands with us.

‘Thank you for the advise sirs, I will apply for the TOSS SSC examination 2023 and let you all know’, he chimed.

We wish him all the best.