Admissions open with late fee up to 13 Oct 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Meet Supriya

‘Good morning sir. I am Supriya. And I have come for advice on applying to the TOSS SSC’, said Supriya, on a sunny Wednesday morning.

‘Good morning Supriya, can you tell us a little about yourself and your goals?’, we asked.

‘Yes sir, I discontinued my schooling at the age of 12 due to family problems. My father passed away and my mother needed help managing a family of four. Then I married at the age of 20 and became a full time homemaker for my child. Now I am 33 and I have more free time to pursue my goals. My goal is to at least complete my’, she said.

Requirements and subjects for TOSS SSC

‘Okay Supriya, for Telangana Open School SSC course you will need to have your Aadhar card’, we said.

‘Which subjects can I choose?’, she asked.

‘You can choose from the subject pool given here’, we said, linking her to our website.

‘You can choose a maximum of two languages and minimum of two subjects from group B and one subject from group C, which is optional’, we said, pointing to the table given on our website.

‘Okay sir I think I will choose, Hindi, English, Business Studies, Economics and Accountancy’, she said.

Study centre

We explained to her that she would have to pick a study centre which was convenient for her. Preferably near her home.

‘Oh! There are study centres for TOSS SSC course?’, she exclaimed.

‘Yes, there are study centres to which you will have to submit your Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA’s). You will be writing your exams in the study centre’, we said.

Application to the TOSS SSC exam

‘Where can I apply for the TOSS SSC exam?’, she asked.

‘You can apply for the Telangana Open School Society SSC exam online at‘, we said.

We told her that the TOSS SSC examinations were held twice a year in two phases. Phase 1 is held from May to June and Phase 2 is held from September to October for the year 2023.

‘You can apply a few months before the examination date. Please keep an eye on our website for last dates for application to the TOSS SSC exams’, we said.

She thanked us and promised to call us once she passed her SSC.

We wish Supriya all the best with her future.