Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Meet Reka

Reka came to us on a cold rainy morning. She was 21 years of age and wanted to do her Telangana Open School Society Intermediate exams. She had dropped out from the classroom course because of family matters.

‘Good morning Reka’, we said.

‘Good morning sirs, I want to do my TOSS Intermediate’, she said.

She said that she dropped out of the classroom course due to the death of her mother. Being the eldest in a family of 4, the responsibilities of home duties fell on her. But now she was married and her husband insisted that she pursue her education. Her goal is to become a nurse.

Reka chooses Biology, Physics, Chemistry subjects (no need for Mathematics!)

We suggested to her that she should pursue the Science stream as her goal was to become a nurse.

‘I am not good at Mathematics sir’, she said.

‘No worries, Telangana Open School Society has the BPC stream which stands for; Biology, Physics and Chemistry, no need for Mathematics’, we said. ‘So you can pick Biology, Physics, Chemistry and two languages of your choice’.

‘Oh that is really nice sir’, she said.

‘How confident are you at English?’, we asked.

‘Sir my English is pretty good, I speak English daily at home like a mother tongue’, she replied confidently.

‘Then will you be comfortable writing in English medium?’, we asked.

‘Yes sir, the fact is, I have studied in an International School, so I am very comfortable with English’, she said.

Requirements for TOSS Intermediate

We told her that she would require her SSC (10th) certificate along with an Aadhar card for application to TOSS Intermediate exams. We also told her that TOSS Intermediate exams are usually held on March/April months.

She would have to apply online at the TOSS official website ( a few months before the exam dates. We linked her to our website for Science stream study materials.

‘Thank you so much for the help sirs’, she said. ‘I will call you up for help with the application’.

We wish Reka the very best for her Telangana Open School Intermediate examinations.