Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Given below are all the study centers for Intermediate in the Kamareddy district of Telangana:

AI CodeAI NameDistrict IDMandalSubject FlagSubject CombinationTypeManDistrict Name
152001ZPHS Fareedpet15Machareddy2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
152002ZPHS Palwancha15Machareddy (20)2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151402ZPHS Dharmaraopet15Sadashiva Nagar2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151103ZPHS Gandimasanipet Mandal Yellareddy15Yellareddy2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151201ZPHS (Boys) Lingampet Village & Mandal Lingampet 50312415Lingampet2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151301ZPHS Gandhari-Village & Mandal Gandhari 50312115Gandhari2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151501ZPHS Tadwai Village Mandal Tadwai 50312015TadwaiZNon ScienceHZKamareddy
151601ZPHS Kondapoor Mandal Rajampet15Rajampet2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151701ZPHS Kachapoor Village Kachapoor 50312515Shiknoor2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151703ZPHS Bhiknoor Village And Mandal Bhiknoor15Bhiknoor2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151804Al Mannan High School E/M, Islam Pura, Kamareddy15Kamareddy2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151821GJC Kamareddy Kamareddy15Kamareddy (18)1Science, Non-Science & VocationalJGKamareddy
151822Sandeepani Jr. College Kamareddy-50312515Kamareddy1Science & Non ScienceJPKamareddy
151901ZPHS Reddypet Machareddy15Machareddy2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
152102ZPHS Domakonda Village & Mandal Domakonda 50312515Domakonda2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
152201ZPHS Bibipet Village & Mandal Bibipet 50312515Bibipet2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150102ZPHS (B) Banswada Village & Mandal Banswada 50318715Banswada2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150201ZPHS Jukkal Village & Mandal Jukkal - 50330515Jukkal2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150301ZPHS Pedda Kodapgal Village & Mandal Pedda Kodapgal15Pedda Kodapgal2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150401ZPHS (Girls) Bichkunda Village & Mandal Bichkunda 50330615Bichkunda2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150403ZPHS Shanthapoor Village Shanthapoor 50330615Bichkunda2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
150802ZPHS Pitlam (B) Village & Mandal Pitlam 50331015Pitlam2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151001ZPHS Gopalpet Mandal Nagireddypet15Nagireddypet2Non ScienceHZKamareddy
151101ZPHS (Boys) Yellareddy Village & Mandal Yellareddy 50312215Yellareddy2Non ScienceHZKamareddy