Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Given below are all the study centers for Intermediate in the Mulugu district of Telangana:

AI CodeAI NameDistrict IDMandalSubject FlagSubject CombinationTypeManDistrict Name
321301ZPHS (Boys) Mulugu32Mulugu2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321302ZPHS Abbapur32Mulugu2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321304PUA Kakatiya HIgh School, Mulugu32Mulugu2Non ScienceHPMulugu
321305PUA Sri Aravinda High School, Mulugu32Mulugu2Non ScienceHPMulugu
321321Govt. Jr. College, Mulugu32Mulugu1Science & Non ScienceHGMulugu
321401ZPHS Chalvai32Govindaraopet2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321402PUA St. Merry High School, Pasra, Govindaraopet32Govindaraopet2Non ScienceHPMulugu
321502ZPHS Indira Nagar, Thadvai32Thadvai2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321601ZPHS Eturnagaram32Etirnagaram2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321901ZPHS Venkatapuram (N)32Venkarapuram2Non ScienceHZMulugu
321922SRRVRKR Voc. Jr. College, Venkatapuram32Venkarapuram1Science & Non ScienceJPMulugu
322001ZPHS Kamalapur, Mangapet32Kamalapur2Non ScienceHZMulugu
322002ZPHS Mangapet, Mangapet32Mangapet2Non ScienceHZMulugu