09 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023 - LAST 5 DAYS Special Admission Schedule for TOSS SSC and Intermediate (exams in May 2023).

CALL 6301019697 WHATSAPP 9246153188. Last 5 days for 2023 Special Admissions for Telangana Open School Direct SSC, Intermediate.

Given below are all the study centers for Intermediate in the Nirmal district of Telangana:

AI CodeAI NameDistrict IDMandalSubject FlagSubject CombinationTypeManDistrict Name
040101ZPSS Kubeer04Kubeer2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040201ZPSS Elvi04Tanoor2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040303ZPSS U/M Basar04Basar2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040502ZPSS Mategoan04Bhainsa2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040503ZPSS Chichond, Bhainsa04Bhainsa2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040504Vedham H.S., Bhainsa04Bhainsa2Non ScienceHPNirmal
040505Govt H.S. Bhainsa04Bhainsa2Non ScienceHGNirmal
040506ZPSS Degoan04Bhainsa2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040601ZPSS Kuntala04Kuntala2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040801ZPSS Puspoor04Lokeshwaram2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041102Govt. H.S. (B) Nirmal04Nirmal - U2Non ScienceHGNirmal
041201ZPSS Chityala04Nirmal - R2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041402ZPSS Laxmanchanda04Laxmanchanda2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041501ZPSS Mamada04Mamada2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041703Little Flower H.S., Khanapur04Khanapur2Non ScienceHPNirmal
041705Holy Faith E/M High School, Vidyanagar, Khanapur04Khanapur2Non ScienceHPNirmal
041721Govt. Jr. College Khanapur04Khanapur1Science & Non ScienceJGNirmal
041801ZPSS Kaddam04Kaddam2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041802ZPSS Munyal04Dasturabad2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041403ZPSS Soan04Soan2Non ScienceHZNirmal
040602ZPSS Narsapur-GT/M04Narsapur-G2Non ScienceHZNirmal
041123Vashista High School, Adarsh Nagar, Nirmal04Nirmal2Non ScienceHPNirmal