09 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023 - LAST 5 DAYS Special Admission Schedule for TOSS SSC and Intermediate (exams in May 2023).

CALL 6301019697 WHATSAPP 9246153188. Last 5 days for 2023 Special Admissions for Telangana Open School Direct SSC, Intermediate.

Given below are all the study centers for Intermediate in the Suryapet district of Telangana:

AI CodeAI NameDistrict IDMandalSubject FlagSubject CombinationTypeManDistrict Name
300201ZPHS Thirumalgiri, Thirumalgiri, 50820230K. Ashok Reddy2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300301ZPHS Thingathurthi, Thungathurthi, 50827930K. Yakaiah2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300502ZPHS Nuthankal, Nuthankal, 50822130D. Sreenivasulu2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300602ZPHS Arvapally, Arvapally, 50822230J. Prasad2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300701ZPHS(B) Suryapet, Suryapet, 50821330G. Padma2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300721Govt. Jr. College, Suryapet, Suryapet, 50821330Y. Yadaiah1Science & Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300801ZPHS Athmakur(S), Athmakur(S), 50821230D. Shankar2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
300821Govt. Jr. College, Nemmikal, Nemmikal, 50821230MC. Rockend Kumar1Science & Non ScienceHZSuryapet
301201ZPHSS Munagala, Munagala, 50823330D. Seetha Rama Raju2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
301301ZPHS Nadigudem, Nadigudem, 50823430M Shoban Babu2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
301502ZPHS Kodad, Kodad, 50820630E. Srinivasa Reddy2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
301702ZPHS Garidepally, Garidepally, 50820130K. Satyanarayana Reddy2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
301801ZPHS Neredcherla, Neredcherla, 50821830L. Srinivasa Rao2Non ScienceHZSuryapet
302102Teja High School, Huzurnagar, 50820430Huzurnagar2Non ScienceHPSuryapet
302121Govt. Jr. College, Huzurnagar, Huzurnagar, 50820430J. Krishnaiah1Science & Non ScienceHZSuryapet
302201ZPHS Mellachervu, Mellachervu 50824630P. Narapareddy2Non ScienceHZSuryapet