Admissions open with late fee up to 21 Sep 2023
- TOSS SSC & Intermediate Admissions OPEN (exams in May 2024)

Given below are all the study centers for SSC in the Khomaram Bheem, Asifabad district of Telangana:

AI CodeAI NameMandalDistrict IDTypeManDistrict NameName of the AI CoordinatorDesignationMobileEmail ID
020101ZPSS JainoorJainoor02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadJ.
020401ZPSS ThiryaniThiryani02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadS.
020502ZPSS RebbanaRebbana02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadMedi
020601ZPSS (G) AsifabadAsifabad02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadVakula
020602ZPSS JanakpurAsifabad02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadT. Subhash BabuHM
020603ZPSS (B) AsifabadAsifabad02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadPrameelaPGHM7981569844
020701ZPSS KerameriKerameri02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadA.
020802ZPSS WankidiWankidi02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadA.
020901ZPSS (B) Kagaznagar, SirsilkKagaznagar02HZKomaram Bheem -
020902Anwar Urdu H.S., KagaznagarKagaznagar02HAKomaram Bheem - AsifabadMd.
020905Govt. H. S. (New) KagaznagarKagaznagar02HGKomaram Bheem - AsifabadJ.
021101ZPSS GundalpetKoutala02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadG. HanmanthuPGHM9492519410
021301ZPSS BejjurBejjur02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadG. Ravi
020102ZPSS LingapurLingapur/Sirpur-U02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadK. SudhakerPGHM9492970117
021502ZPSS ItyalaDahegaon02HZKomaram Bheem - AsifabadB. MallikarjunHM