As admission advisers and consultants for the direct SSC and Intermediate courses offered by the Telangana Open School Society, Government of Telangana, we have been meeting and having discussions with principals and heads of institutions of different high schools and junior colleges all over Hyderabad and Secunderabad. When we ask them why they support and promote the Telangana Open School Society’s (TOSS) SSC and Intermediate courses, their replies have common points. We are happy to present their views below.

We have been working in the field of education for the 15-25 years now. Many of us are the founders of our high schools, junior colleges and colleges, each recognized by the government and other statutory authorities, and well-known for the quality of education offered at the SSC, Intermediate and degree levels. In 2008-09, when the newly constituted Telangana Open School Society announced its first SSC course, with all its flexible features, we were all excited and stepped in to promote the TOSS open, direct SSC course enthusiastically. We have been a witness to so many dropping out of the regular SSC and Intermediate courses, often due to financial pressures faced by their families and other circumstances beyond their control. They hurriedly get into different kinds of low-paying jobs not requiring any academic qualifications and, later, find themselves stuck in ruts with no career-growth prospects as they do not have even an SSC certificate. They cannot consider higher studies as at least an SSC or Intermediate certificate is required to enroll for higher studies. If they are in their late teens or early twenties, which regular school or college will take them in even if they are ready to join the regular SSC or Intermediate courses? And, if they are bread-winners for their families, which school or college will hold classes at times suitable for them, after their office working hours?

The SSC and Intermediate courses offered by the Telangana Open School Society are designed especially for such people. No regular classes. Study when you can. Just take the time to attend 30 contact classes in the year. submit 3 Tutor-Marked-Assignments during the course to ensure you’re learning something. Appear for the exams, even one subject at a time, if you want – you have five subjects to pass and nine examination attempts in five years! Now what can stop you from getting your SSC or Intermediate certificate and moving ahead in life instead of stagnating wherever you are because you had failed to get your SSC or Intermediate certificates in the normal course of time?