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Sub:- INTERMEDIATE EDUCATION – A.P. State Open School, Hyderabad Intermediate (Open School) Public Examinations – Instructions to open Study Centers – Issued.


  1. G.O. Ms. No. 170/HE(IE.II)/Dept., Dated 04.09.2010.
  2. Minutes of State Executive Body Meeting Dated 05.10.2010 of A.P. State Open School Society, Hyderabad.
  3. Lr. RC. No. 7/D1/APSOS IiNTER I 2011, Dated 28.09.2011 from the Director, A.P. State Open School, Hyderabad.

The Director, A.P. State Open School, Hyderabad in his letter 3rd read above has stated that the mission of APOSS is to provide education to all persons who for one reason or other could not continue education upto Intermediate in the formal system.

In pursuance of G.O.1 st cited, Intermediate Course is introduced under Open School System by the A.P. Open School Society from the academic year 2010-11 through Open and Distance Learning(ODL) mode in the State. The Programme of delivery is made through Self Learning Material (SLM) coupled with face to face counselling (Personal Contact Programme), Lab Practicals etc.

He solicited the co-operation of this department in strengthening the Intermediate Open School System in reaching out to rural poor. The infrastructural facilities and the required teaching resources that are available in G.J.C.’s can be utilized for the open school students also without any dislocation to the normal functioning of the colleges, as all the activites, including the Personal Contact Programme (PCP)’ in theory and practicals are programmed only on Sundays and public holidays. He enclosed the Copy of the Guidelines for starting Study Centrers and other support services to the Accredited Institution (Study Center) from the Directorate of A.P. State Open School (Copy enclosed).

After careful examination of the proposal, all the Principals of Government Aided Junior Colleges in the State are instructed that those who are willing can

  1. Constitute the Junior College as Accredited Institution (Study Center) for Intermediate Course under Open School System, which functions only on Sundays and other Public Holidays without any dislocation to the normal functioning of the college.
  2. Conduct Personal Contact Program (PCP) classes in theory and practicals only on Sundays and other Public Holidays without any dislocation to the normal functioning of the college.
  3. Conduct the Public Examinations (mostly scheduled in pongal holdays/summer vacation) other than the schedule of regular Inter Exams.
  4. Render the services of the Junior Lecturers for spot valuation work of Intermediate (Open School)
  5. Further, the Regional Joint Directors of Intermediate Education and District Vocational Education Officers may also be requested to extend their support to the District Educational Officers in their Districts for the APOSS.

The Principals of Government Junior Colleges in Telangana Districts are aware that Junior Colleges will function on Two Sundays every month to overcome backlog. They should keep this in view while helping the open school system.

The District Vocational Education Officers concerned are instructed to monitor the above task and see that instructions are adhered to.

The receipt of these proceedings should be acknowledged.

Sd/-J.S.V. Prasad