09 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023 - LAST 5 DAYS Special Admission Schedule for TOSS SSC and Intermediate (exams in May 2023).

CALL 6301019697 WHATSAPP 9246153188. Last 5 days for 2023 Special Admissions for Telangana Open School Direct SSC, Intermediate.

  1. For Intermediate Course
    • Additional fees for Practicals (in subjects having practicals) = Rs.150/- per subject
    • Additional fees for Practicals (in subjects having Practicals) = Rs.100/- per subject
    • TOC Fee = Rs.150/-
    • Late fee for Examination
      • During the first 15 days of late fee period = Rs.25/- per subject
      • During the last 15 days of late fee period = Rs.50/- per subject
    • Improvement of performance (only before completion of Intermediate course) = Rs.250/- per subject
    • T.C. cum Migration Certificate = Rs.100/-
    • Genuineness Certificate = Rs.100/-
    • Duplicate T.C & Migration Certificate = Rs.500/-
  2. Other Miscellaneous Fees
    • Duplicate copy of the Certificate = Rs.500/-
    • Duplicate Mark Sheet = Rs.200/-
    • Duplicate Identity Card = Rs.100/-
    • Migration Certificate Fee = Rs.100/-
    • Postal charges (if the document(s) are required by Speed post/Regd. Post) = Rs.100/-
    • Re-counting of Answer Script = Rs.200/- per subject
    • Re-Verification of Answer Script = Rs.600/-
    • Extract of marks certificate = Rs.200/-


  1. Differently abled learners are eligible for fee concession in Examination fee as shown in GOMS no. 170 Dt. 30-12-2011.
  2. In the Inter (TOSS) online admission form of the differently abled learners the following codes are to be mentioned.
    1. Blind Candidates – 2
    2. Deaf & Dumb Candidates – 3
    3. Physically Handicaped candidates – 1
    4. Dislexia Candidates – 4
  3. Code No. 4 is to be mentioned in the admission form when Dislexia is clearly mentioned in Medical Certificate.


  1. The examination fee is required to be paid by all learners during the notified period of public examinations.
  2. The fee once paid for examinations will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstance.
  3. No Migration Certificate will be issued to the learner unless he/she completed the course of study.
  4. Pass Certificate will be issued only for 5 subjects. However, mark sheet will be issued for additional Sixth subject.
  5. If a learner fails in any one of the chosen five subjects and passes in Sixth subject, in such case his/her performance will be treated as failed. The Sixth subject marks will not be considered into first five subjects. His/her performance will be declared as failed.
  6. If a learner opts 6 subjects (5 compulsory/one additional) and if he/she fails in sixth subject and passes in first five subjects in that case he will be declared as passed basing on the performance of the first five subjects.
  7. Any correction in the Intermediate pass certificate will be made on production of original SSC pass certificate along with one attested Xerox copy.