09 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023 - LAST 5 DAYS Special Admission Schedule for TOSS SSC and Intermediate (exams in May 2023).

CALL 6301019697 WHATSAPP 9246153188. Last 5 days for 2023 Special Admissions for Telangana Open School Direct SSC, Intermediate.

Telangana Open School allows you to apply again in subjects, which you have already passed, for improvement of performance but only once within the period of registration. If a learner passes all the subjects and completed SSC/ Intermediate course, in such cases improvement is not allowed. Learner has to cancel his previous performance and write all the subjects afresh to improve his/her performance. Only latest performance will be considered.

You have to apply for improvement in the same manner as for appearing at the first examination by paying the requisite fee of Rs. 100/- for SSC and Rs. 150/- for Intermediate. This chance can be availed only once within five years from the time of admission. Practical fee is to be paid for the subjects having practicals.

For subjects involving practical, you have to appear in both theory and practical for improvement in the performance. In each of theory and practical learner has to get a minimum of 35% of marks for pass.