09 Jan 2023 to 13 Jan 2023 - LAST 5 DAYS Special Admission Schedule for TOSS SSC and Intermediate (exams in May 2023).

CALL 6301019697 WHATSAPP 9246153188. Last 5 days for 2023 Special Admissions for Telangana Open School Direct SSC, Intermediate.

Open School maintains a high standard of education and this has been recognized by the Government. The Certificate issued with the emblem of Open School is recognized both for purposes of higher education and employment as detailed in the Government orders furnished below and appended in Appendices C to F


  1. G.O. Rt. No. 723 School Edn. (Budget-SSA) Dept., dt: 27.09.2008 (SSC)
  2. G.O. Rt. No. 372 Higher Edn. (I.E.II-2) Dept., dt: 19.05.2010 (SSC Equivalency)
  3. G.O. Rt. No. 96 Higher Edn. (I.E.II-2)Dept., dt: 18.02.2011 (Fee Exemption)
  4. G.O. Ms. No. 170 Higher Edn. (I.E.II) Dept., dt: 04.09.2010 (Intermediate)

Note: Instructions, Dates, Schedules and figures given in the Prospectus are final, unless there are any specific instructions from the Director or Government about the changes.

For further details you an contact “Learners Information Cell”, Contact No.s are: 8008403525, 8008403545, 8008403546, 040-23299568.