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Intermediate Scheme of Studies

The Scheme of Studies for Intermediate Course is shown in the table in this section. For obtaining Intermediate pass certificate, you are required to pass in a minimum of five subjects including one or maximum of two languages from Group ‘A’ and minimum two subjects from Group ‘B’. You can opt (if you like) one Vocational subject, from Group C, totalling the number of subjects to five. If you do not desire to opt for Vocational subject from Group C, you can take fifth subject either from Group A (limited to 2 subjects) or from Group B (3 or 4 subjects) totalling to five subjects. However, you are free to take one additional subject (sixth).To simplify further, the choice of subjects can be done as follows.

i) For Five subjects, the combinations can be:
* Under Group-A-English is Compulsory and you can take one more language at your option:

Sl.No.Group AGroup BGroup CTotal


ii) For Six subjects, the combinations including Additional (sixth) subject can be:

Sl.No.Group AGroup BGroup CTotal


If you wish to use Intermediate certificate for higher studies, it is in your own interest that you keep in mind the requirements of the courses / Universities you wish to join after passing Intermediate Course. The Entry Requirements of Certain Universities in Telangana for certain Degree / Professional courses, are given here under:

● Guidelines to learners who want to study Higher Course :

i) Eligibility criteria for Admission into Engineering Courses – a pass in Intermediate course with Maths, Physics, Chemistry and English as the subjects.
ii) Eligibility criteria for Medical, Agriculture and Veterinary courses – a pass in Intermediate course with Biology, Physics and Chemistry, English subjects.
iii) Eligibility criteria for Admission into B.A./B.Com/B.B.M/B.Sc./B.Sc. (Home Science) Courses – As per existing norms, the qualifying examination for admission to any of the various degree courses is pass in Intermediate Public Examination held by any recognized Boards of Intermediate Education / Sr. Secondary or its equivalent examination.
iv) Eligibility Criteria for D.Ed (Diploma in Education) a Pass in Intermediate course with 45% Marks in aggregate (40% in case of SC/ST).
Admissions to various degree courses should be made on the basis of the fulfillment of the following conditions:
v) B.Sc. Course: Candidates who opt for any combination of group subjects in the B.Sc. course should have studied at least two subjects of the group in the subjects studied in the qualifying Intermediate examination. They must have at least two subjects in common. However, in the case of group combinations with Mathematics in the B.Sc. course, the candidates should necessarily have studied Mathematics as one of the group subjects in the qualifying examination.

Specifications of Eligibility: Group subjects to be studied in the qualifying Intermediate examination to be eligible for admission to B. Sc. courses with different combinations of subjects.

Group subjects in B.Sc. CourseGroup Subjects in (Qualifying Examination) Intermediate
Maths, Physics and ChemistryMaths, Physical Sciences
Maths, Physics and ElectronicsMaths, Physical Sciences
Maths, Physics & Computer ScienceMaths, Physics and Comp. Sci. or Maths, Physical Sciences
Maths, Stat & Computer ScienceMaths, Physics and Comp. Sci or Maths, Phsyical Sciences or Maths, Economics and Commerce
Maths, Physics and GeologyMaths, Phsyical Sciences
Chemistry, Botany & ZoologyBiological Sciences and Physical Sciences
Chemistry, Zoology & FisheriesBiological Sciences and Phsyical Sciences
Chemistry, Botany and GeologyBiological Sciences and Physical Sciences
Chemistry, Zoology and GeologyBiological Sciences and Physical Sciences
Chemistry, Botany & AgricultureBiological Sciences and Physical Sciences
B.Sc. Home ScienceFirst preference Inter Home Science or Biological Science and Physical Sciences.
Micro-Biology, Bio-Chemistry and Aquaculture+2 Course with Biology and Physical Sciences or any equivalent qualification
Botany, Genetics & Chemistry+2 course with Biology and PHysical Sciences or any equivalent qualification
Maths, Physics and GeologyBiological Sciences and Physical Sciences or Maths Physical Sciences
Micro-Biology, Bio-chemistry and Applied Nutrition & Public HealthIntermediate course with Bi.P.C or +2 course with Bi.P.C
or P.U.C with Bi.P.C